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Hey there! 

Isn't it wonderful to know more about the person that replies to you on forums? We mean more than name, avatar and a staff badge. Like what is that person up to, what they do in SuperOffice and what they enjoy doing for fun? 

We think it's worthwhile for members to connect this way. We asked our Forum team, who hang out here every day, to answer a few questions about themselves.

Below you'll find interesting information about our Forum Team members.
Feel free to post any question to the person under their reply. 

12 Oct 2021 | CET 03:02 PM

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Hi, my name is Lina and here are a few things about me! 

What do you do now in SuperOffice? 

I work in the SuperOffice Customer Experience centre for more than 6 years. I'm a consultant, I work with the Knowledge base, Global support queue and User Forums. 

I spend workdays helping SuperOffice customers, partners and employees. Either by answering their questions directly or by preparing resources and tools enabling a better experience with the SuperOffice CRM support team. 

What is your favourite thing about SuperOffice company? 

I love Norwegian culture, respect and international atmosphere mixed all together with super colleagues. 

What do you like to do just for fun? 

I have a fun time travelling, exploring hiking routes or spending time outdoors. I enjoy hanging out with people through events that we organize in the organizations where I do volunteer. 

12 Oct 2021 | CET 03:29 PM
Hi Lina. Thanks you for taking on this mission to help our customers get more out of their SuperOffice solution. Introducing Customer forums has been on our wish list for years. Now we are here. Good luck and I am looking forward to joining the conversations :-)
16 Dec 2021 | CET 12:28 PM

Hi! I'm Carlos David and here's a short introduction. 

What do you do now in SuperOffice? 

I've been working as a support consultant for a little over two years now. I'm usually helping our Dutch customers with their user and technical related questions. 

I'm also involved in some other processes and now part of the community forums team!

What is your favourite thing about SuperOffice company? 

Hard to pick a single thing, but it's a great place to learn, cooperate and help out while working with an amazing team of very capable colleagues!

What do you like to do just for fun? 

I enjoy going for nice walks, both in the city or in nature. Traveling and learning about other cultures is great too! I also enjoy relaxing while listening to some good music. 

13 Dec 2021 | CET 04:39 PM

Hello! My name is Samuel. Let me introduce myself.


What do you do now in SuperOffice? 

I have been working at SuperOffiec since 2017. When I´m not busy helping our Swedish customers then I´m working with the other members of the support and answering their trickiest questions, in our assistance queue. My newest task will be to help you here at the forum. 


What is your favorite thing about SuperOffice company? 

I love the culture of the company, small family feeling, but also, head-on towards growth and new challenges. 

SuperOffie is a place to grow and challenge yourself.


What do you like to do just for fun? 

I enjoy spending time with my family and playing board games with some good friends. 
I also do some youtube videos when I have some spare time. 

14 Dec 2021 | CET 06:47 AM

Good morning, afternoon or evening! Glad to see you here. I'm Gérard.

What do you do now in SuperOffice? 

I started working in SuperOffice Customer Experience centre in 2017. I'm team leader for our Support where I oversee our Benelux, German, Swiss and UK support queues.

What is your favourite thing about SuperOffice company? 

As we further develop our products I feel that I also develop and challenge myself.

What do you like to do just for fun? 

When at home I enjoy playing board games, watch F1, tennis or football. If the weather is good I like to play a bit of tennis myself or go for a bike ride.

14 Dec 2021 | CET 10:30 AM

Hi! My name is Giedre and here are some facts about me :)