Join the Pilot Program for Bounce Management

Frode Berntsen 28 Feb 2020

What is it?

Ensuring high data quality in email lists and handling bounces has been a manual process, and users tend to continue sending mailings to failing email addresses instead of cleaning up.
If the number of bounces gets too high the sender is affecting their email reputation, which in turn affects their email deliverability.
With this feature, we try to help our users in ensuring better data quality by handling bounces in a more automated way, and by getting ahead of bounce by preventing failing email addresses to be registered in their SuperOffice CRM.

1. Automatically react upon bounces
* By disabling permanently failing email addresses
* By automatically skipping bouncing email addresses from the next mailing
2. Help the user handle bounced emails in an effective way
* Bounce archive for permanently failing email addresses
* Press Open to correct a misspelled email address right away
* Tasks for cleaning up
3. Act upon spam complaints (a way to «Unsubscribe»)
* Who reported us as junk, and which mailing caused them to do so (This screen is disabled for users using own mail server)
4. Get ahead of the bounce by preventing misspelled emails in the system
* Avoid sending mailings to unregistered emails
* Validate incoming email addresses

Who can join the pilot program?

We are interested in hearing from customers who use:

  • CRM Online

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