Release of 'Request Notifications' / End of Pilot announcement

Frode Berntsen 29 Mar 2022

We are happy to announce 'Request Notifications' is planned released in Mobile CRM 10.1.9. This release will be available to users next week.

This will conclude the pilot program for 'Request Notifications' and the pilot program will end
- We urge you to give your feedback during this last period of the pilot.
 Your feedback helps us identify issues, fix them and make the software even better.

How do I provide my feedback to SuperOffice?

We have several ways for you to give us feedback during the pilot testing:

  • Pilot Forum – this is the main communication channel to use. It is where we will inform everyone involved in relevant issues and is a place for you to post questions or provide feedback. You may receive answers from other customers, partners as well as our R&D resources. Pilot Forum: https://community.superoffice.com/en/customer/forum/rooms/pilot-program/
  • Feedback form – there is a Feedback form which is available to everyone all the time here. It can be an easy option to send us a message about anything you have tested. We want to know if you are particularly happy with something as well as hear about any issues you may encounter.
  • Send us an email – we have a dedicated mail address: pilot@superoffice.com you can use to send in your questions or comments. This may be helpful when you want to discuss issues particularly relevant to your installation and you don’t want to post on a forum.

If you need help with the feature after the end of the pilot progam, reach out to our support team here.