Can I search for a Company by their telephone number? If so how?


We have a standard telephone system with "caller display" It is not integrated into SO. When we get an incoming call it would be great to identify the caller and the company they are calling from. We have a large Database in SO with Telephone numbers for all our Compainies and contacts. Can we do a search for a telephone number so that we can identify the caller if they are in our system?

26 Apr 2022 | 02:40 PM

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Hi Adrian. 

A normal user can search for phone numbers in a few different ways. 
You can use the "free text search"

The navigator search: (will only work for phone numbers in the newer versions of SuperOffice).
And the find search.

And the find search.


All of them have different functions. And some base rules are good to understand when searching for phone numbers. 
The spacing or format is important. 
Phone numbers come in different formats and people add them into SuperOffice in different formats. And the search functions will be affected by the format the number is added. 
When using the free text and Navigator search  
The search string is searching word begin with, so when you search you will have to start on the first number and add the number in the same way that it is added in the system. 
Here we recommend informing users to not add phone numbers with spaces between the groups of numbers. Because that will make searching difficult. 
Some solutions can be done in the database to clean up unwanted spaces but will have to be run by a consultant. 
What is good with this function is that SuperOffice adds prefix and space to the number automatically. So when searching you can start directly with the prefix or directly with the number after the prefix. 

We also can use some wild char when searching. 

% Represents zero or more characters bl% finds bl, black, blue, and blob
_ Represents a single character h_t finds hot, hat, and hit
[] Represents any single character within the brackets h[oa]t finds hot and hat, but not hit
^ Represents any character not in the brackets h[^oa]t finds hit, but not hot and hat
- Represents any single character within the specified range c[a-b]t finds cat and cbt

Most often used of these are the % 
So with that, you can search for the second half of a number. This one will only work in the navigator search and when doing a search in find, not the in the free text search. 

Also worth noticing is that the free text search and navigator search are allows you to look in several fields at the same time. But when you search in the find function you are looking for data in one specific field in the database. So here you will quickly run into the problem that you don´t know if the numbers are added in the direct number filed or the mobile number filed and so on. 
Hope this will help you use SuperOffie in an even better way!


19 May 2022 | 05:04 AM

Also, make sure to have a look at this new feature in Mobile CRM:


This will do exactly what you want SuperOffice to do: try to recognize a phone number (on your mobile phone) and report the correct person straight away (without the need to have the person stored locally on your phone).


Also, you could consider evaluating one of the CTI-solutions in our SuperOffice App Store


28 Jul 2022 | 10:55 AM

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