Quote variables vs. merge fields

Susan Laugaard Hansen 19 Sep 2022

Hi SuperOffice friends

Can anyone explain what the difference and use is of the quote fields; variables and merge fields? Ie. we have a variable for delivery terms {qdev} and a similar merge field <<quote/deliveryTerms>> What is used when? I would like to use the variables/merge fields in the quote details document.

Another question... The details document shows dates in 2 different formats. How can I ensure that dates are only shown in 1 format?

I read about the possibility to set the document culture in the templates our SuperOffice.docs. It says: it is possible to include the merge field Culture: in the template, specifying a .NET culture code, taken from System.Globalization.CultureInfo. For Switzerland, use "Culture:de-CH".

Do I just put in <<Culture:da>> somewhere in the template, or must I insert the culture in a merge field. And what is the settings for Denmark? (DA?) Can´t find a list...

I would appreciate if you have a document template I can look at. That would really be a big help...

RE: Quote variables vs. merge fields

Brian Mulder 27 Sep 2022