Microsoft 365 OAuth 2.0


Brian Huelsman 2 Sep 2022

Hi everyone,

I have a very general question that I hope someone may have some advice for. A client of ours is using Web 10.1.2 and is currently migrating over to Office365 from an on-premise Exchange installation. As I understand it right now, during the migration they are in some type of hybrid mode between their onsite and Office365.

No matter what we attempt, (myself and the client's I.T. department), we cannot get a new Service mailbox to recognize their test email address (or any other address belonging to their domain) as an Office365 account. Although the one personal test account created by my I.T. contact does work (We get directed to the Microsoft logiin page), no email account directly related to the customer's domain seems to be recognized. I have looked in the crm.registry table to ensure the new protocols are in use and verified the SuperOffice server's MX record is pointing to Microsoft as indicated by the article below.

At this point I am out of ideas and my I.T. contact is unsure of what to try next. If anyone has any suggestions it would greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Michel Krohn-Dale 6 Sep 2022


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Eirik Simonsen 15 Sep 2022