rename the Label of Standart-Fields in new Service Module?




how can I rename the Label of Standart-Fields in new Service Module? In Layout designer I don't find this Possibility.



4 Apr 2024 | 03:03 PM

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This is currently not possible, and if you need to change label this is controlled by extra field definition.


5 Apr 2024 | 06:10 AM

Hi Michel,

Extra field definition is Rename for Extra Fields, 


i need to rename our Standart fields like Tickte Onwer, Ticket contact...

But Thanks for your Feedbacks.

By the way, another problem in new Service Module is to define limited List as it is possible in old Service Module with "Screen", I have posted in another Threads: It Looks SuperOffice currently has no Focus on this.



5 Apr 2024 | 07:00 AM
It is important to remember that balancing a roadmap is always difficult, that something is not solved immediately does not mean that we dont have focus on it. As always we depend of feedback/wishes from our customers through our normal channels (

5 Apr 2024 | 11:13 AM

Hi Jianchun,


Regarding limited lists - I suggest you take a look at all the interesting new features "Triggered dialogs" can offer. 



This can be a great alternative to guide the user in a structured path where you filter in a "step by step" guidance to also create a filtered result. Triggered dialogs can be used directly in a "button"-element or in the "save-trigger" on a request for example.



5 Apr 2024 | 11:27 AM
Hi Bas, Thanks for your Support. I will try it.
8 Apr 2024 | 08:28 AM

With triggered dialogs, is there a way we can have a field that uses a SearcEngine as a lookup for some standard entities or even listing up filtered values from and extratable ? I find the example with a numerical input a little too simple. Has anyone here used it for some more logic than shown in the example ? 

23 Apr 2024 | 11:12 AM

Hi Ummair,

Have you looked at the addList option, and use an MDO list to populate a list of options

There are a few overloads, so give that a try.

Best regards.

23 Apr 2024 | 11:42 AM
I saw it right after posting the comment.
It looks like this one can work.
Thank you Tony :)
23 Apr 2024 | 12:14 PM

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