Thanks for wanting to integrate your Google Workspace with SuperOffice. We think this app is pretty awesome and can’t wait to help you set it up.

Updated on 18 Dec 2021

This is for DOCUMENT integration. If you are looking for how to integrate your Google AUTENTICAION with SuperOffice - check out How to set up and configure IDP for your site.

This app is free of charge and will be covered by the terms of your existing CRM Online agreement.

However, remember that using this app to link SuperOffice to another payable cloud service, such as Google Workspace Integration, require an active subscription (or active Free Trial) to that other service. It is only the app itself that is free of charge.

The choices are:

A) Do it your self:

You follow the steps in this guide:

B) SuperOffice do it unattended for you

Contact us to get started: Open Form

C) SuperOffice do it via remote on your computer

Contact us to get started: Open Form