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Posted on: 24 Jan 2021
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SuperOffice Pocket CRM is our multifunctional mobile app. Pocket CRM provides an easy way to search, edit, and manage all your contacts, meeting, sales and even projects. Get access to all the information you need while at the office or on the road without even opening your laptop.

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My Favourite Feature - Quote Manager

SuperOffice Quote is a feature that helps you generate quotes quickly and accurately – saving you time and minimising errors. In this video you’ll see how easy it is to create and send different quotes, you will also see how you can visualise key reports from this added intelligence. Once you have registered a sale in SuperOffice CRM, it is quick and easy to create a quote and send it to the customer. The quote can contain several alternative versions for the customer to choose from, and you have full control of the different versions if there are any changes along the way. ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


Customer Success Story: The Contender

The Contender UK is a premier brand in the world of sailcloth making. They faced all kinds of challenges as the business grew. See how they used SuperOffice CRM to tackle their business challenges while still staying personal and in-touch with their clients.


Welcome to a truly SuperOffice. Why don't you join them?

SuperOffice CRM is looking for new talent (also known as SuperLand citizens). In this video you can see what it's like to work for SuperOffice CRM at our Vilnius Office in Lithuania! To join us, go to:


Prospect like a PRO: How to book a new meeting every 50 minutes!

Prospecting is hard, we get it. In fact, it’s one of the most challenging stages in sales. But if you don't prospect efficiency enough, you will have a hard time hitting your quota. Want to learn how to prospect like a PRO 😎 and create a new meeting 🤝 every 50 minutes? Then join our SuperCharge webinar! In this session, SuperOffice’s CMO, Fredrik Selander, will talk to an expert in prospecting, especially on Linkedin, Thibaut Souyris, about the secrets of becoming a prospecting professional! Thibaut is the Founder of SalesLabs and the creator of the new Outreach System, that helps salespeople to reach a 38% reply rate and an 11% meeting rate on their outbound efforts. ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


My Favourite Feature - Webforms

During this month’s video you will see the Webforms take the centre stage. This great feature can help you to create professional looking web forms to start conversations and harvest more leads. Forms can be used in a wide variety of areas, such as order forms, sign-up to events, gathering customer feedback or the more typical contact us form. This video will show you how easy it is to create a Webform and make this active for prospects and customers.