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  • 5 May 2021
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Steps to Reproduce

Set up a new ERP Sync app for companies and contacts

Observe that: Since 8.3 we are able to save a person in SuperOffice without a company when the "Mandatory company on contact" is not true. Unfortunately we just recognized that a person can only connected to a ERP entity when his company is already connected using the same connector. The ERP tab at a person without a company is not displayed.

In our case we are talking about legal- and natural-persons. A person without a company is a natural person and should also connected in the same way as a company. This behavior is hard-coded:

I expected: to be able to connect person wihtout a company  to a ERP entity.  The ERP tab at a person without a company is to be displayed.



[2021.05.06: jonas]

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