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  • 41162
  • 3 Feb 2016
  • 21 Mar 2019
  • High
  • Web
  • Solved
  • SuperOffice 8.0 SR6
  • Bug

#49919 After upgrade to SuperOffice 8 all Audience ( external ) users stop working Status: Solved
#53401 Upgrade to 8 fails: License upgrade to Feature Pricing in 8.0 has already happened and cannot be re-run Status: Solved

Steps to Reproduce

On site version 8 web admin isn’t showing the correct amount of users. There is 54 assigned sales plans but only 3 show up if you choose to show all Sales Users.

If you change the dropdown to Expired, then you will see all the users with sale as well.

If you see the result of this query, only the 4 with a validTo date in the future will be shown in the Sale user list. Comment on all with validTo "empty" has comment ("upgrade to 8")

select * from crm7.licenseassoclink where modulelicenseid=36 order by validto desc

All the users can login. Both the 4 users that are shown under ”Sales Users” and all you refer to as Expired.

The 4 users that are visible in the dropdown “Sales Users” are the ones we have changed the licenses for.
Workaround: changed from sales userplan to e.g complete userplan and then back to sales.


[2016.07.19: prokro]
I think there is some serious bugs with the filtering unfortunately. At least for SuperOffice 8. It seems like the talbe only shows results for users with the 'Windows App' License. No matter what filtering criteria you select (except for 'all')! Furthermore, after upgrading to SuperOffice 8, the table wouldn't even recognize the users with 'Windows App License'. Even though they had the license select box checked, and a SQL search confirmation, the table above showed them as they didn't had one. As in the column for 'Windows App License', didn't had a check mark.

[2016.10.20: emilijat]
modulelicenseid is different in every database, instead run this select * from crm8.licenseassoclink where modulelicenseid in (select ModuleLicense_id from CRM8.MODULELICENSE where moduleDescription='Sales User')

[2016.11.16: n.vankorlaar]
This issue also set ALL external users to "inactive" (associate.type=4). The reason is that all their reverences to the licenseassoclink is gone.