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  • 42565
  • 1 Apr 2016
  • 8 Jan 2020
  • Medium
  • CS
  • Reported
  • Bug

Steps to Reproduce

I have several languages defined in customer languages and these are reflected in a given system template.


It seems like CS always uses the language body that is marked as default, i.e. if the reply template for the system template has the language body, english, marked as default, this one will be used, regardless of the language specified for the user in personal preferences or contactperson.


Language bodies for reply templates sent to customers work properly, though.



[2016.04.21: prokro]
We have the same problem in Super Office 7.5 patch 2.

[2020.01.08: you]


We have still this Problem in SO Online 8.5, no matter we set second Language as default. Pls. Fix. Thanks!