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  • 24 Nov 2017
  • 26 Jul 2020
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Steps to Reproduce

1. Export a SuperOffice database by using the DBSetup.exe parameter 'Export 'in CMD to an empty database with the name Test1.sdb:



2. Start the application 'DBSetup.exe' and export a SuperOffice database to an empty database with the name 'Test2.sdb' by using the  option 'Export a database, 6.3 - present':

3. Compare the size of the database and check that the database 'Test1.sdb' is considerably smaller than the database 'Test2.sdb':



4. Start the application DBSetup.exe and import the database 'Test1.sdb' from SuperOffice by using the option 'Import a database, 6.3 - present' and check that the database has successfully been imported

5. Try to login to

a) SuperOffice Web:



b) SuperOffice Win:



Observe that: After importing the database Test1.sdb, there is an error message  'Unable to login. Please try again' when trying to login to SuperOffice Web and 'No rows in DatabaseModel Table' when trying to login to SuperOffice Win.


I expected: When exporting the database by using Command Prompt, the database should include the correct data and it should be possible to use SuperOffice after importing it.


[2019.04.11: you]

Yes please fix this, we have daily jobs to take Backup of SO Database, and we have same issues, it should work for our security! Thanks!

[2020.01.10: roggelars]

Why is a bug not fixed for so long? You have put a lot of effort into creating a small and fast export, but it is not more automated, what sense does it make? especially since the function is still available in the help of dbsetup.