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  • 10 Sep 2018
  • 3 Apr 2019
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  • Web
  • Solved
  • CRM Online 8.4 - R02
  • Bug

Steps to Reproduce

When making a  large combined selection, with more than 100 results, the selection starts to loop after 100. so that the 101 result become the first, and so one. 

Issue appears both in the minicard and in the main selection display window. 

Steps to reproduce

  •  make a combined selection that has more than 100 results and simply start scrolling in the display windows, and you will see after the display number updates it will start looping the results. 
  • in minicard it will first display the number of total results and change to 101 after scrolling down. 
  • in main display window, it will display "showing 100 out of ?" and after scrolling it will say Showing 200, 300, .. but it will show the same 100 items.

Get all fetches all results, thou this function is missing in minicard.



[2018.09.18: m]

This is a major issue, as it also affects the API. Retrieving the first page with a combined selection using the ArchiveAgent and provider 'ContactSelection' will work, but retrieving subsequent pages will just return page 1.