CRM Online 10.3.4

CRM Online 10.3.4 - is a scheduled release of the SuperOffice CRM Product portfolio for our Online customers.

Major news we have addressed in this version are:
About release date
The release date states when the first customers are moved to this specific release. As a quality assurance measure, we do not move all customers to the release at the same time. The time it takes for all customers to be on the new release will be up to one week after the announced release date. We are not able to give exact dates when each customer is moved during this period.

Pilot programs available
The following Pilot programs are now available for Online customers in production:
  • New Follow-up dialog
  • SuperOffice AI Labs
  • SuperOffice Custom Objects
These pilot programs are handled centrally by the R&D Services team

Status Released
Product name CRM Online
Version 10.3.4