SuperOffice G8 8.5 R17


SuperOffice 8.5 - R17 - is an update of the SuperOffice 8 Product portfolio for our OnSite customers.


Major news we have addressed in this version are:
  • Support for Modern Authentication against MS Exchange Online for SuperOffice Service and SuperOffice Inbox 
  • Security patches
  • Various bug fixes and improvements (see attached link for details)

Important notes !

The effect of Microsoft shutting down support for basic authentication against Exchange Online is severe for installations running 8.6 R16 or earlier versions. You have to upgrade to this version of SuperOffice 8.5 in order to avoid disruptions.


  • .NET 4.8 is a prerequisite to this version
  • All Satellites be synced before the upgrade and Re-generated after the upgrade is complete
  • All travel users must do a home-coming before the upgrade
  • You can upgrade to this version from version 8.0 or newer

CRM Web and Service must be installed on the same root domain.

Release notes:

Status Released
Product name SuperOffice G8
Version 8.5 R17
Released date 31 May 2022