App Roundup: MailVideo, Lasso and Risika - Risk&Credit

Published by Tisha Bernadina, 17 Nov 2023

In this App Roundup, we’d like to introduce: MailVideo, an app that transforms sales with video messaging; Lasso, an automation powerhouse for Danish business opportunities; and Risika, Risk & Credit, an app for finances and credit risks.

The SuperOffice App Store is full of great apps that can expand and enhance your SuperOffice CRM solution, allowing you to do even more with your customer data.  

In this roundup, we’d like to present the three newest apps.  

- MailVideo  

- Lasso 

- Risika - Risk&Credit 


This tool is for those who don’t want to send a boring email but instead a fun video message that helps you connect in a more personal way. 

MailVideo is your tool for creating and sending personalized video messages in your email. It helps your messages stand out in busy inboxes and builds a more personal connection with clients.  

The app also tracks when emails are opened, how much of the video is watched, and if links are clicked. Plus, it easily integrates with SuperOffice CRM for simplified customer management.

And rest assured – your data and videos are kept secure with strong encryption. 

Learn more about MailVideo in the SuperOffice App Store.


Imagine having an app that helps you identify promising leads.

That’s exactly what Lasso does – it simplifies lead management. It captures leads from various sources like web forms and emails, and you can set up automated workflows for follow-ups. 

Lasso smoothly integrates with SuperOffice CRM to keep your leads organized.

If you’re tired of manual lead handling, Lasso is the answer! 

Learn more about Lasso in the SuperOffice App Store. 

Risika - Risk & Credit

In today's world, making financial decisions can be a challenging task, especially when extending credit risks. Risika - Risk&Credit offers a solution to this common problem.  

By seamlessly integrating with SuperOffice CRM, it simplifies the process of risk assessment by leveraging your customer data. This helps you check if someone can repay the borrowed money with confidence and makes sure your business follows the rules. 

With the ability to generate detailed reports and analytics, Risika helps you make data-driven financial decisions without exaggeration.  

If you're seeking a reliable tool to minimize risks and enhance your financial management in SuperOffice CRM, Risika is a straightforward and practical choice to consider.

Explore it today in the SuperOffice App Store and enhance your financial decision-making capabilities. 

Learn more about Risika - Risk&Credit in the SuperOffice App Store.