App Store highlights: power up your personal productivity

Written by Aleya Begum. Published by Miriam Eirin Hiorth Johnson, 27 Aug 2019. Updated 1 Mar 2021

Getting back into the swing of things after the summer vacation is always a challenge. During this time we need help in being more organized to jump start back to business.

To get our focus back, quickly catch up on the projects, and go through all the emails in our inbox, all of us can use some productivity tips.

That’s why this quarter we decided to feature some of the great personal productivity apps available in SuperOffice App Store.

We’ve picked a handful of apps that can help us all become better organized and get back to being – and staying – a superstar employee.

Tackle time management

Avalia Log Time

Taking back control of your time after a vacation is probably the toughest task of all. Yet, we all know that managing your own and your team’s time is essential to productivity. If you invoice your customers by the hour, then logging time correctly and efficiently is even more critical, because losing track of time means losing money.

The Avalia Log Time app for SuperOffice CRM makes time tracking an integral part of your daily workflow. It seamlessly integrates with your SuperOffice CRM diary and activities, and logs what you are spending time on and when. Use the data to make billing and invoicing transparent and painless, as well as get valuable insights on your team’s efficiency!

Start logging time with Avalia Log Time

Visma NET Project Management Sync

If you use Visma NET Project Management, then this sync app will see you saving heaps of time. The app will connect SuperOffice CRM with the project management tool you’re using and synchronize the data, allowing you to see key customer information directly in your CRM.

This means you’ll no longer have to switch between the systems to look up information on a customer. In turn, this will help you not only save time, but also ensure better data quality and consistency, as well as offer a better customer experience.

Sync your Visma NET Project Management

Find documents quicker


Saving emails in SuperOffice CRM is a must. But sometimes it can be cumbersome finding the one you’re looking for afterward.

With EmailPreview, you no longer have to open up every email and switch back and forth between SuperOffice CRM and your inbox to find what you are looking for.

With just one click, EmailPreview lets you see the contents of any email, PDF or an image in a separate web panel directly in your SuperOffice CRM. You can even open email attachments and graphics directly from there.

Take a preview with EmailPreview

Document viewer for SuperOffice CRM

If you have discovered how easy it is to create and store documents in SuperOffice CRM, that’s a great first step! But did you know that finding and recognizing which document is which later can be just as easy?

With Document viewer for SuperOffice, you can directly view the content of any document inside a web panel directly in SuperOffice CRM. With just one click, you can get a preview of the file in a mini panel, where you can also search through the entire document, see thumbnail pages, or send it straight to the printer. The preview is available for emails, graphics, Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF files. No need to download or have the latest version of Adobe reader installed!

View Document viewer for SuperOffice for yourself

Stay organized… automatically

Activity folders for SuperOffice

We all know that organized documentation is a fundamental part of any successful project and having our files all neatly sorted can greatly improve our productivity. But often we struggle to keep things this way – despite good intentions.

Wouldn’t it be great if this could just be done automatically?

You’re in luck. Activity folders for SuperOffice lets you file documents and activities in folders and automatically sorts them for you based on a file type. All you have to do is create a pre-defined folder structure. The app is great for teams, such as Sales and Customer Service, who have lots of routine customer-related activities and documents, such as proposals, quotes, FAQs, meeting notes, etc.

Automate and organize with Activity folders for SuperOffice

Panels for SuperOffice

Another great way to keep your communication and activities with customers tidy and organized is via the Panels for SuperOffice app. Simply create archive panels and the app will automatically organize your activities into the right panel by an activity type.

To speed things up even more, Panels for SuperOffice also has a search function which you can use to locate your files even quicker.

Start sorting with Panels for SuperOffice

PDF Manager

With PDF Manager for SuperOffice you can convert any SuperOffice document into the PDF format and automatically save it with a single click. Stay better organized by eliminating the need to open various programs and save documents in different places.

Start converting with PDF Manager for SuperOffice

The App Store – only a click away

That’s all we have space for today, but there are plenty more productivity boosting apps – all nicely categorized into the Personal productivity category – that you can check out at SuperOffice App Store.

If you want to keep an eye on all new apps listed in our App Store, please check our New or updated category.

Keep coming back to the App Store to discover useful expansions or integrations to your SuperOffice CRM. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, send us your wish and we’ll see what we can do.