The new Help Center & Community

Published by Miriam Eirin Hiorth Johnson, 26 Nov 2021

Finding help and information on how to use SuperOffice CRM has now become easier.

Is it possible to provide customers with too much support?

Your gut feeling will probably say: “No, of course not.”

But when we started designing our new Help Center & Community, we noticed that our support and self-service offering was too scattered.

Why offer 5 different places to find help and support, if you can offer them on one website, with one login, and one place to learn and interact with support?

That’s why we decided to simplify.

So, this week we're releasing a new version of our Customer Community, and we think and hope that the new Help Center & Community will significantly improve your user experience.

We’ve improved the structure, the way your search, the login experience, the design, and the content of our self-help and customer support services.

All-in-one hub for help and support

The main change is that we are now offering one starting point for help and customer support.

In the first release, the site will offer access to:

  • Learning: Learning materials, such as how-to guides, videos, tips, best practices, and training options.
  • Support & FAQs (new): a place to register your support requests, view your request history, troubleshoot problems with our FAQs, and access support for apps. Support & FAQs
  • Product & updates: Find out what’s new by browsing through product releases, highlights, release documentation, main versions, bugs and wishes. 
  • Customer forums (new): Join interactive forums for customers and administrators.

The best thing is that you can access all of this in one search, and there is only ONE login (if you’re a cloud customer).

So, please welcome Help Center & Community – an all-in-one hub for all your customer support and self-help needs! You can just call it the Help Center, at least we do. 😉

But that's not all! We have also updated and improved our design, login experience, search capabilities, and website structure.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

New, sustainable design

When entering the new site, you will notice a fresh new design that matches our overall brand look. The colors are darker, calmer and we have paid even greater attention to accessibility and sustainability in the new design.

  • A stronger, more serious color palette to signal our growth ambitions.
  • Real people are in focus – it is the relationships we have with our employees, customers and the society we live in that is behind every success in our company, and we wanted to highlight who we are by showing our people.
  • Comfortable, accessible design – your wellbeing is our business, and we think that every user, despite visual or motional challenges, deserves to comfortably navigate the site and consume the content, be it through adequate color contrast, font size or tab navigation. We have done our best, and if it is not enough, please let us know!
  • Sustainable design – we’ve created a leaner website with a simpler structure and fewer images. When less data is loaded during the use of the site, the less electricity is spent by servers and data transmission.

Easier login to support

As we’ve already mentioned, you no longer need a separate login to access customer support. Now you can enjoy a smoother and faster access to customer support where you can easily register new requests or manage ongoing requests.

Our cloud customers can now log in to the new Help Center & Community site from the Support & FAQs page by using their SuperOffice CRM login.

Please note that our onsite customers (if you have SuperOffice CRM installed on your own premises) still need to use a separate login for now.

Forums for users and administrators

Traditionally, our forums were designed for the interaction of technical professionals, developers and pilot customers.

The new Help Center & Community now offers a different experience that facilitates conversations among all our customers. If you want to explore a topic related to using or configuring certain features or processes in SuperOffice CRM or looking for advice from various users, then our new forums are for you!

Check out user & administrator forums

An improved website structure

We have simplified the website structure by merging several sections.

Here is what’s new:

  • A simpler menu structure: one section is for users and administrators, one section is for technical, with the front-page catering to user and administrator needs.
  • Improved website search: more relevant filters make it easier to find the content that you need.
  • Content opened to Google search: you can search Google to find answers to your questions.

A dedicated section for technical users

The new Help Center & Community site now connects you to our brand-new center for all technical documentation There you will find all technical information, documentation related to APIs, requirements, architecture, and much more.

Technical users and developers will now find their content in the Technical section. This section is created for those responsible for implementing applications or integrations, providing consultancy services for implementing integrations using current industry standards, or for setting up, configuring, and maintaining SuperOffice CRM in an organization.

The Technical section will contain forums and announcement articles. However, all technical documentation for SuperOffice CRM is moved to the new site

We hope that you enjoy the new Help Center & Community website – an all-in-one hub that supports you on the way to your CRM success and business growth!

And if you have any questions, want to report a bug, or have other issues, you can reach us here:

Have any feedback?

See any issues like broken links or missing information? Or better yet, you are delighted with the update and want to sing the gospel? Please let us know - we are listening!