Teamed up to accelerate growth: SuperOffice acquires InfoBridge Software BV

Written by Gisle Jentoft. Published by Miriam Eirin Hiorth Johnson, 14 Sep 2020. Updated 17 Sep 2021

SuperOffice, a leading European SaaS CRM provider, is pleased to announce that it has acquired 100% of shares of the Dutch software developer – InfoBridge Software BV.

For many years, InfoBridge has been creating valuable apps, custom integrations and add-ons for the SuperOffice CRM solution.

Talking about the reasons behind the acquisition, Gisle Jentoft, CEO of SuperOffice, said: "SuperOffice’s strong position in the European CRM market, experienced employees and the leading technology platform position us well to successfully accelerate the growth of our business.”

“For a long time, InfoBridge has been our close partner and has provided value-added, user-friendly apps that extend and enhance our CRM offering," explained Mr. Jentoft. He further assured that the current InfoBridge offerings remain very important for SuperOffice customers and will be available in the SuperOffice App Store.

"Many of our customers enjoy the combination of SuperOffice CRM and InfoBridge Apps. With today's step, we will ensure that the route to the InfoBridge apps becomes shorter and easier for all our customers, across all our markets," continued Mr. Jentoft.

"We also intend to further improve the SuperOffice App Store with the help of InfoBridge. Our main goals are to improve the App Store offering by making it more attractive both for our App Store partners and for all our customers, as well as to improve the entire customer journey by making it easier for our customers to extend their SuperOffice CRM solution with the help of numerous value-generating apps provided by our partners," said Gisle Jentoft.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of InfoBridge, Pierre van Mever, said: “We have a long-term relationship with SuperOffice, ranging from thousands of common customers and partners to strong ties with all SuperOffice teams across Europe. We have developed our business in close collaboration with SuperOffice, whose transition to the cloud and the introduction of the SuperOffice App Store have been instrumental in our own business growth over the last years."

Mr. van Mever continued: "The SuperOffice cloud solution is strong, flexible and scalable - which supports the digitalization journey of European SMEs perfectly, and our apps add value whenever customers need synchronization solutions to either calendars or other business systems."

"The entire InfoBridge team is enthusiastically embracing the new, closer partnership with SuperOffice. We are proud to team up with the experienced SuperOffice management team, to invest in new business opportunities, to improve the already strong products we have, and to take the SuperOffice App Store to the next level. Together, we will strengthen the position of SuperOffice in the growing European CRM market,” Mr. van Mever concluded.

The parties agreed not to disclose any financial terms.


About InfoBridge

InfoBridge is a Dutch software developer with a focus on complex international business solutions with a high return on investment.

Founded in 2003, InfoBridge started off with an ambitious goal – to become the leading developer of software synchronization software. Looking back at the last 10 years and 3000+ customers, the company is on the right track to achieve its goals The company's family consists of 12 passionate people working on development and distribution of business solutions. Contributing to the success of its customers and making a positive difference with its software solutions are at the heart of InfoBridge's culture. When developing software, InfoBridge focuses on ease of use and ways to make daily processes easier and more efficient for both large and small companies. InfoBridge is also a technology market leader of calendar synchronization across various systems and integration solutions between businesses. For more information, please visit