How do I create a new User Group in SuperOffice CRM?

Updated on 30 Nov 2021

I want to connect a group of colleagues into one group and give them the right to see CRM data based on that. How do I do it?

To accomplish that you need to create a new user group in SuperOffice and then assign this group to your colleagues. To do it please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Settings & Maintenance.
  2. Click on the Lists (1) button and in the drop-down list chose General - User group (2) and +Add (3).

  3. Enter the Name (1) of the user group you want to create, in the Categories used by this user group (2) field assign, which categories from SuperOffice Service should be associated with this group (if it is relevant) and click OK (3) to finish.

  4. Now the new User Group is available to use in user dialog. Please check this FAQ on how to create a new user.


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