How do I reorganize the fields in the More tab in Company and Contact screens/cards, after the upgrade to SuperOffice version 10?

Updated on 2 Dec 2021

After the upgrade to version 10, the More tab in the Company and Contact screens/cards have changed the layout. The layout of the fields has changed, and I can see some new ones that I haven´t seen before. Why did it happen, and how do I fix it? 

In SuperOffice version 10, we introduced a flexible and powerful way of configuring the Company and Contact screens in SuperOffice CRM. 

This change has affected the old user-defined field layout in the More tab of the Company and Contact cards/screens. 

After the upgrade, all user-defined fields appear in two columns (2). On the right side all the fields from the Service part and on the left side the rest of user-defined fields. The position of the fields is determined by their rank in the list of fields (3).  

Also, all user-defined fields are now visible in the Contact card/screen. Including the ones that were created in the Service part of the solution. 


We granted all current customers access to all features allowing them to recreate and enhance the Company and Contact card/screen layouts.  

These tools allow you to reorder not only the user-defined fields, but also the standard SuperOffice CRM fields. 

You can create different field layout for different user groups. When you edit the layout, you can add and remove fields, or rearrange their order to fit your team's needs.

Please check the articles below to learn more about how to use these features:



  1. Screen layout is determined by Primary Group only. 
  2. To access these features a SuperOffice user must have a role with Field Administrator functional right. 
  3. The access is due to expire after the transition period unless a customer has access to the Developer Tools license (aka. Expander Services). 


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