What to do when I cannot login to SuperOffice CRM Online?

Updated on 6 Dec 2021

What to do when I cannot login to SuperOffice CRM Online?

There could be several reasons why you are not able to log into your SuperOffice CRM Online. There are some troubleshooting steps, which you can do to help yourself and they depend if you were able to login before or if have never logged into SuperOffice CRM. Please follow instructions one of the section below:

If you have never logged in before

Please contact your SuperOffice administration and ask to confirm that:

  • When your user was created - the user plan has been selected.

  • Your contact card has the same email address as your user card in Settings and Maintenance.

  • If your SuperOffice installation uses SuperID authentication check your inbox for an invitation email, you need to click the activation link to activate the SuperOffice user. If you cannot find the e-mail in the main box, check a Spam folder or ask your administrator to resend the welcome e-mail. To do it administrator needs to login to Settings and Maintenance click on the Users (1) button, select your user (2), click on the Task (3) button and choosing the Send welcome email (4) option.


If you were able to login before following this section

  1. First of all, make sure you did not make any spelling mistakes, CapsLock is not On and NumLock is on if you used numbers in your password.
  2. Try to login to SuperOffice Online using a different browser. If you can log in on different browsers you need to delete cookies of the browser you usually use. Read this article to learn how to delete cookies on the most popular browsers.
  3. Sometimes the log in issue can be caused by the fact that your contact has more than one email address in the contact card. Try to delete the email address you do NOT use to login.
  4. If you forgot your password you can click on the hyperlink in the login screen Forgot the password?

If neither of this helps register a request on the SuperOffice support portal.

More information:

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