What to do when I cannot see some of the activities (documents, appointments, tasks, phone calls) in the activities section tab in SuperOffice CRM?

Updated on 28 Dec 2021

In the activities section tab below the company card, I cannot find some of the activities we made with the customer. My colleague can see them. Why does it happen and how do I fix it?

There are four known situations why some of the activities in the activities section tab might be invisible. Please find them described below:


Date or associate group filter settings

Please follow the steps below, to check if your filter settings are not hiding some of the activities you need to see:

  1. Click on the Filter button in the activities section tab.

  2. In the filter dialog you can adjust two criteria, the time frame when the activity was created and the user which created it. In the Date (1) fields you can change the time frame extend time frame if you think that activity could have been created in the past. In Group (2) and Associates (3) columns you can select, whose activities should be displayed in the list. You can use short cut All (4) if you want to see activities created by everybody. Click OK when to save settings. 


Filter settings on the toolbar at the bottom of the Activities tab window

The activities displayed depend on which of the following checkboxes you have selected at the bottom of the section tab:

  • Follow-ups (appointments, tasks, and phone calls)
  • Documents (e-mail, letters, and other documents)
  • Mailings (document, e-mail or SMS)
  • Other (chat records, form submissions)

In older versions of SuperOffice CRM the check boxes are visually displayed as in the screenshot below.


Private appointments and duplicate appointments by default are not to be visible

That means if your colleague has created an appointment, which is visible only to her - it won't be visible to you. Please check this FAQ for the further information.

Duplicate appointments created by multiple contacts invited to appointment be default are hidden to everybody except the contact making the invitation. This can be changed please follow the steps below to do it:

  1. Click on  and then Preferences.

  2. Click on the Functions (1) section and next to Filter accept meeting invitations (2) select No. Click Save (3) when finished.


Future follow-ups are not visible due to system set up

Some type of the follow-ups (type - task or phone call) might not be visible in the activities and sales section tabs, because they are created in the future. In SuperOffice CRM you can set up how many days in advance a task should be visible, to do it follow the steps below:

  1. Click on  and then Preferences.

  2. Click on the Functions (1) section and next to Show days ahead (2) type how many days in the future you would like to see tasks. Click Save (3) when finished.

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