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Bergfrid Skaara Dias

It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish

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Member since - 15 Jul 2019
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    The cocktail of computer science (mainly programming and communication networks), psychology, pedagogy, and didactics has taken me into the field of technical writing.

    • Modular, single sourced, XML based technical documentation
    • XSL customization for DocBook XML
    • Organization and team management
    • Qualifying text in and improving user experience of GUIs
    • Human spellchecker and grammar wizard

    I am the author of eZ Publish Content Management Basics (2007) and eZ Publish Advanced Content Management (2008) as well as an article series based on the books.

    • Technical writer at NAGRA (Conax AS/Nagravision AS), Mar 2008 - Sep 2019)
    • Technical writer/trainer/system developer at eZ Systems, Dec 2005 - Feb 2008)
    • Manager and lecturer at optional CS introductor course for new students at the University of Oslo, 2001-2003
    • TA at the University of Oslo bachelor-level programming (C and Java) and networking courses, 2001-2005
    • Gardening - and a passion for growing a wide varieties of chilies
    • Handcrafts in general and knitting in particular
    • Cooking
    • Scouting, exploring the wilderness, and being outdoors in general
    • Online gaming
    • Reading books on kindle
    • Blogging and web forums
    • Music and dancing (Jazz, Country, swing, line dance)
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