Access token moved

Martin Andersen 27 Sep 2022

Before I could do something like this:

var accessSecurityToken = new SoAccessTokenSecurityToken(CurrentLogin.AccessToken);
session = SoSession.Authenticate(accessSecurityToken);

But in the latest NuGet packages (from 10.1.5 and up) the access token must have moved (see also

and I think this is right, but there is no overload for SoSession.Authenticate() with a AuthorizationAccessToken as parameter.

var authToken = new SuperOffice.WebApi.AuthorizationAccessToken(CurrentLogin.AccessToken);
session = SoSession.Authenticate(authToken);

Could someone point me in the right direction or give a link to an example, on how to get a session from the new autorization access token?

Thank you in advance!



RE: Access token moved

Tony Yates 27 Sep 2022