Restructuring SuperOfficeDocs content

Tony Yates 13 Jan 2022

Hi all,

Just a quick message to let you know that we have kicked off a project to consolidate most of the content we have on, which is used to generate

Today there are 5 main content repos: 

  • crmscript
  • data-access
  • database
  • superoffice-docs
  • user-interface

Initially, when migrating all of the technical and developer documentation from the community site, it made sense to create different repos for the relevant areas and stakeholders. However, as we have gained knowledge and experience working with content, and community contributions, it now makes more sense to consolidate a majority of the content into a single repo. 

The consolidation simplies working with the content, managing feedback and user contributions. We are open and transparent on this, and have shared our initial plans here on github: Monorepo · Issue #179 · SuperOfficeDocs/superoffice-docs (

While we don't expect this change to have any impact on the community, we do want those of you who have contributed to the docs to know that we do this to improve your experience working with us and the content. 

Best regards.

RE: Restructuring SuperOfficeDocs content