The future of NetServer

Tony Yates 16 Mar 2022

R&D's Cheif Engineer, Dr. Marek Vokáč, just published an article that I think every one who creates integrations with SuperOffice needs to read.

In the article he highlights the current state of affairs, provides insight to things that have been moving inside R&D for quite some time, and lays out a rough outline for what the future SuperOffice integrations will entail.

As stated in the article, there are breaking changes coming in the next onsite release, expected version 10.1.x - Q2 2022.

As Marek points out in the article, NetServer has began adopting dependency injection and all onsite applications using NetServer Core towards a 10.1.1 installation or higher will need to update their code. I have began publishing to a repo on github that demonstrates what this means in a practical sense. So far, only related to dependency injection.

There are more breaking changes coming in 10.1.x, that include:

  • Dependency injection
  • ImpersonationContext
  • Caching strategy and classes from CacheBase  to CacheBaseV2
  • Removed LanguageInfoCache (wasn't used by any SuperOffice products)

I will publish more examples of these changes in the coming weeks  on github, and augment relevant documentation and release notes on SuperOffice Docs.

While that's all for now, I'll post updates here when the repo gets updates too. 

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RE: The future of NetServer

David Hollegien 21 Mar 2022

RE: The future of NetServer

Andreas Bergstrand 11 May 2022

Tony Yates
12 May 2022
Hi Andreas, we will continue to support it well past this year. It will be announced when we plan to stop supporting it well in advance, so there should be many months notice.