Bjørn Olav - Our super product developer

Written by SuperOffice R&D. Published 24 May 2019. Updated 3 Jun 2019

We managed to capture Bjørn Olavs interest last fall, and since then we have been lucky to have him working as a product developer in our R&D department. We sat down to talk with Bjørn Olav about his onboarding process.

I wasn't really looking for a new job - but a job advertisement on LinkedIn caught my eye. Because my employer at the time was a customer of SuperOffice I already had some experience using their solution, or so I thought. I had been working in-house and wanted to continue doing that. At the same time I felt ready for new challenges.

As SuperOffice is heavily invested in Microsoft technologies and I had been working as a fullstack Java developer for 10 years I wasn't sure if they would be interested. However, at SuperOffice I was met by some very knowledgeable people making a very good impression.

When I started, I was met with a onboarding program to get me up to speed. With help from my mentor I felt I was productive fairly quick. My colleagues have been very supportive and it is nice to be able to approach anyone with questions.

While the job description was for a full stack developer, SuperOffice has been very open for me to do what I want, and even encouraged it.

We place all the user stories that needs to be done on a Kanban board. From that board you can choose the user story or task that you want to focus on. I like that way of delegating work as I get to choose what interests me or I want to learn more about.

I wanted to get more into user interfaces (javascript) and in SuperOffice I have spent most of my time working with their front-end modules written in typescript. When working with user interfaces, getting feedback from users is important and something I like is that SuperOffice uses their own software inhouse, making it easy to get good feedback.