Our super tester, Chamal

Written by SuperOffice R&D. Published 24 May 2019. Updated 31 May 2019

Meet one of our greatest testers! SuperOffice has testers located both in Norway and Sri Lanka, and Chamal works from Sri Lanka with a team in Oslo. Read about how they overcome the communication challenges and his experience working in SuperOffice.

I’m working in the SuperOffice Mobile CRM team for our mobile application in Sri Lanka. What I do is testing on different platforms, both manual and automation - making sure that the quality of the software is super! When we find time we do performance testing as well, as we want the end user (customer) to have the best experience with our Mobile CRM as possible. We work with an Agile methodology and Xamarin as the tech tool for test automation.

Working in SuperOffice is very special. It gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and try new things, as well as working with the newest technologies within test automation. The people here are super friendly, you can always ask for help without feeling like you are disturbing. It’s a wonderful team.

Before, I used to work as a tester in two other companies. The biggest difference I value a lot is that I now communicate directly to the team. There are no intermediaries, which automatically makes you feel more included and appreciated.

Living in Sri Lanka and having to communicate with the teams in Norway is definitively a different experience. The greatest challenge is miscommunication, and to avoid that we always have a Stand Up meeting every morning (Norwegian time) where we synchronize and makes sure everyone are on the same page. I think the reason why we manage to cooperate so well has a lot to do with the teams consistently keeping in touch. The time difference is not that big, only 4,5 hours so that has never been a huge issue.