Meet our super developer, Solveig!

Written by SuperOffice R&D. Published by Christine Soulai, 18 Oct 2019. Updated 25 Oct 2019

Solveig is an excellent product developer working with our web solutions and has been one of the corner stones in programming Customer Service. Read about her experience transitioning from one organization strategy to another.

SuperOffice’s software release strategy has changed dramatically over the past decade. Before it was all about that one release per year and the big build up to that. When that one day a year eventually came, we made it a truly special event with presentations and a show for customers and partners.

Today, we release every third week using SCRUM teams. That way our customers don’t need to wait long for a bug to be fixed or features to be upgraded as we continually improve and release new versions.

In addition to the strategy I’ve also seen the technology change and get updated. In my previous job we used C++ - which I found heavy and tiring to work with. Here we use C#, a more easy-going programming language. SuperOffice is great at staying updated with new technology.

Being a part of the development and perfection of a software that helps people in their everyday work-life is super fun. Being a part of something useful that supports organizations and their workers to keep track of their customers, meetings assignments etc. is a strong driving force for me.

When it comes to our work environment, I feel that we are all really encouraging and supportive of other in the R&D department. We are a mix of different personalities which makes it an interesting workplace. The communication is direct and people are great at keeping focused on tasks.