Business Software Developer

Published by Jan Petter Hagberg, 31 Mar 2022

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania | Contact person: Vilma Raisiene | Job type: Full-time | Role: Software Developer


Our technology stack:

Programming Language: C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS & HTML
Server side: C# with sophisticated database and API management
Client Side: TypeScript with adaptive GUI abstractions


Do you have a passion for large, complex, demanding software?

SuperOffice CRM is a Customer Relationship Management suite, that provides functions for B2B companies. The software covers the full lifecycle from Marketing via Prospect, through the Sales process, and on to Support. It aids its users with every phase of the process, seamlessly presenting information to all the different employee groups, and maintains a full view of all activities.


We compete with the best in the business – Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle – and while we have no intention of matching them function-for-function, our solution is simple on the surface, sophisticated under the covers, and delivers high value to SME companies. Our typical customer has from 50-200 employees who use SuperOffice for Marketing, Sales and Support.


This is no ordinary web shop, striving to “convert” visitors to put something into a standard shopping cart; this is a large, complex suite of business software with a 30-year track record. Our customers spend significant time and money integrating the product into their daily work and reap large benefits.


We have been moving with the times – from the old times of a pure on-site, C++ client; through the early days of web pages and JS code; and now to the cloud with modern solutions to both old and new challenges. As we switch technical platforms, we also extend, change and refactor our product to take advantage of new possibilities.


There is a lot of code to write, and we need more hands & brains! As we continue our journey to the cloud (we started more than 10 years ago!), we need developers who are looking for a challenge out of the ordinary:

  • Work on a complex product, with several hundred thousand lines of code
  • Understand the domains of Service, Support, request processing in a deep way

  • Create software that can be used out-of-the-box but can also be adapted in many dimensions.

  • Work with people who take the long view: the quality we write today, will still be considered excellent in 10 years; and we will do what it takes to get there.

  • Share, improve and excel at the Art of programming. It is by lifting each other that we grow as people.


We are looking for people who can imagine a long-term commitment; who understand that it can take time to get up to speed; who relish a challenge and think that demanding leads to rewarding; and who simply love programming.


Is this you? Tired of flitting from one technological fad to the next, from one short-term task to the other? Give us a call!



What you can expect from us:

  • You get to work with modern technology and development methodology.
  • You will work in teams engaging in all parts of the process.
  • We are responsive, and you get to influence the company and your own workday.
  • You will have good opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • You will work with professional colleagues in a full-fledged environment.
  • You get a solid and profitable company as an employer.
  • We are adaptable to your expertise and experience.


This is who our Super colleague is: 

  • You have relevant education.
  • You are an awsome programmer.
  • You have experience in the technologies we use.
  • You have a good understanding of systems and technologies, their roles and how they interact.
  • You are continuously learning about technologies, products and processes while working.
  • You are good team player, that also work well independently.
  • You are positive and spread good energy.
  • You are fluent in English (sorry, we can’t all learn Lithuanian).


We use SEMAC to run a background check on relevant candidates.


Contact: Vilma Raisiene

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How about a video call to learn more?

We offer a 30 minute informal video call where we tell you more about the open position and the team. You also get to meet some of our colleagues and ask them whatever you want to know.

Our technology

Today’s world is always changing, and we are eager to change with it. We use scalable platforms and technical infrastructures, based on cutting-edge technology for automated testing, deployment and process monitoring. To keep up with our ambitions, we continuously scale up our infrastructure on which we build our solutions.

To keep our product and our employees up to date with the latest developments, we explore new techniques, we adjust the way we work and initiate research projects. Currently we have two projects running that will helps us gain new knowledge. In addition, each year we organize our own developer conference – Expander World.