PocketCRM: Failed to connect to Server


Since a few days some users cannot use PocketCRM. They see the error described in the heading. It looks, that all users have this issue, where PocketCRM was updated a few days ago. Users with the older version still can work.

With safari all users can reach remote/services88/pocket.svc and they can use SuperOffice WEB

We are on WEB Version 10.1.6  on site.

We tried the typical things like reinstalling the app and entering the url for connection.

In the log on the server there is nothing about PocketCRM / Mobile CRM.

Sp I guess that the message is exact what happened. It must be something with the VPN - that was not changed in the last weeks.

What can be the reason for this? 

6 Mar 2024 | 09:18 AM

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We found the reason with SuperOffie Support (Thank you Karolina) 

In the current version only https protocol is supported. We used in the past mainly http protocol, because they only connect over VPN what is secured.

We have https enabled as well, but the issue is simply, that some of the certificates had a longer validation time - lets say two years.

But the IOS devices only accept certificates having a maximum validation time less then 398 days.

So we renewed the certificates following the 398 days rules and it is working now. 

17 Apr 2024 | 06:20 PM

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