Search in Mobile CRM on first names or last names will not find anything


When searching in Mobile CRM  there is only one search field. When searching for companys it works fine. But searching for persons by first name or last name will almost fail - not every time.

The freetext search is enabled and updated (or renewed ) last night. And we have a setting: Search single-word search operator/Multi-word search operator  = contains.

Not sure - but if we switched this setting to Starts with - it looks to work better. 

Is there a recommodation for this?


17 Apr 2024 | 06:54 PM

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The freetext settings for single and multi-word Starts/Contains/Equals only affects the freetext search in the client. (The freetext search box in the upper right corner)

The navigator and mobile searches use freetext search with their own built-in settings, and are not affected.

They are affected by the state of the freetext index, so if the freetext index is incomplete, it will not find the records it should.
You can verify this by editing a record and saving it - this will trigger the incremental freetext indexer and update the freetext index. If the search now works then you have an incomplete index.

Web + Mobile client version numbers would be helpful in diagnosing this issue further.

18 Apr 2024 | 09:59 AM

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