AI Lab: SuperOffice Copilot

Try out new exciting ai-enabled features in SuperOffice with SuperOffice Copilot.

As a part of our AI Lab initiative to bring AI-enabled features to SuperOffice, we are proud to introduce SuperOffice Copilot—your assistant and help during the workday. 

What is SuperOffice Copilot?

The first set of AI-enabled features available in SuperOffice Copilot include:

A chat window inside the SuperOffice side panel where you can access ready-made questions directly related to the main screen you are on (for example the Company, Sale, or Request screen).  You also get the opportunity to ask Copilot about anything as it makes a version of ChatGPT available to you.

Use the SuperOffice Copilot to get inspiration to create a pitch or write a proposal. 

Use it to get a summary of a request. 

If you also pilot the new Follow-up dialog, you will in an upcoming version (pilot version 2) be able to access SuperOffice Copilot to get help working with text in a follow-up to help you speed up your task or make you more precise. You control what and how and you can direct the results by adding more text, choosing it to suggest less text, offering different styles, or correcting or rewriting your text. This is generative AI at its best.  

Similarly, SuperOffice Copilot can give you help working with text in a request. Again you can ask it to give you more text, less text, change the style, correct or rewrite your text with a click of a button.  

We have also added SuperOffice Copilot AI features within the latest version of SuperOffice for Outlook. With it, you can get AI-based suggestions for data input in SuperOffice for Outlook.  



Who can join

Customers who want to sign up need to:

✔️Use SuperOffice CRM Online 


Please note that some of the AI-enabled features may only be available if you also use the latest versions of SuperOffice, such as the latest version of SuperOffice Service, or even are a pilot customer of specific features like the new Follow-up dialog for example.  

How to join

This pilot program is scheduled to start in March 2024. 

To join the pilot:

1️⃣ Accept the terms for SuperOffice AI Lab (Fill in the form)

2️⃣ Sign up to the AI Lab pilot program (Fill in the form

This pilot program is handled centrally by the R&D Services team.

What's in it for you?

By being a part of the AI Lab, you will get access to SuperOffice Copilot try out the latest AI-enabled features from SuperOffice, and experience firsthand how AI may benefit your company.