Product roundup December 2022: News summary

Published 11 Dec 2022

We look back at the main product news of 2022 together with Erik Eide, our talented Product Director. Erik explains some of the thinking behind the new features, sums up their advantages through examples, and gives us a hint of what’s to come.

In 2022 we introduced a number of exciting new features and updates. We covered them in our articles and in video blogs. You can read all the details of what was new in 2022 in this document or in the release-notes 

But, if you just want a recap of the key highlights, then this webcast is for you!  

In this vlog, we invited Erik Eide, our Product Director, to go over some of the main new features released in 2022, as well as explain his team’s approach to planning for next year’s product roadmap.  

The features highlighted in this webcast include: 

01:17 Roadmap and vision of SuperOffice
09:51 Marketing dashboards
13:00 Sales targets and Sales Targets Unlimited
25:48 Configurable screens and archives
32:34 SharePoint integration
37:55 What's coming
40:32 Improved search experience

Acc: Highlights of 2022