Product roundup December 2022: News summary

Published 11 Dec 2022

We look back at the main product news of 2022 together with Erik Eide, our talented Product Director. Erik explains some of the thinking behind the new features, sums up their advantages through examples, and gives us a hint of what’s to come.

In 2022 we introduced a number of exciting new features and updates. We covered them in our articles and in video blogs. You can read all the details of what was new in 2022 in this document or in the release-notes 

But, if you just want a recap of the key highlights, then this webcast is for you!  

In this vlog, we invited Erik Eide, our Product Director, to go over some of the main new features released in 2022, as well as explain his team’s approach to planning for next year’s product roadmap.  

The features highlighted in this webcast include: 

01:17 Roadmap and vision of SuperOffice
09:51 Marketing dashboards
13:00 Sales targets and Sales Targets Unlimited
25:48 Configurable screens and archives
32:34 SharePoint integration
37:55 What's coming
40:32 Improved search experience

  • Marketing dashboards
    • SuperOffice CRM contains a wealth of data. Making use of it is the number one priority for marketing specialists. 

      Thanks to the new fields that we’ve added to the Find & Selection feature in SuperOffice CRM, you can now search for and analyze the performance of a variety of marketing activities: mailings, forms and chats! 

      Want to know what mailing performed best or which form got the largest number of leads? 😎 No problem! 

      Now, you can create more detailed selections and pull marketing reports in Dashboards that track your marketing KPIs and give you valuable insights into the performance of your key marketing activities. 

      Availability and requirements: 

      - Included in the Marketing Plan, or if you use the Premium plans together with Customer Engagement Platform (for chat and forms) 
      - Available now in the SuperOffice CRM Online, version 10.1.4 
      - Available now in SuperOffice CRM Onsite, version 10.1.5 or newer 

  • Sales targets
    • Dashboards are a great way to monitor whether or not you’re on the right track with your goals.   

      And when it comes to sales, setting targets, forecasting results and pulling pipeline reports – are the actions that get a sales team going.   

      Good news is that these sales reports in SuperOffice CRM are now even more powerful, because you can compare your expected and actual sales to your sales targets – all in the same report! 🎯 

      Adding sales targets to your dashboard reports:   

      👉Allows you to quickly compare your pipeline forecasts and actual sales reports to your sales targets.   

      👉Provides you with an immediate insight into whether you are on track with your goals or need to take action to change the situation for the better.   

      👉Allows you to measure your sales target progress by months or quarters, as well by individuals or teams.  

      In your Dashboard view, you can add sales targets for as many users as you need in one team. The sales targets can be set against the total sales value for each sales opportunity.     

      Availability and requirements: 

      - Requires SuperOffice Sales Premium  
      - Available now in SuperOffice CRM Online 

  • Sales Targets Unlimited
    • The Sales Targets Unlimited add-on is an extension of Targets that allows you to add more teams and set sales targets based on a wide range of sales criteria. 

      This means you get even more insights into your sales teams’ performance, get better control over their success, and take your sales management to the next level. 🙌 

      The Sales Targets Unlimited add-on allows you to set sales targets for an unlimited number of teams, as well as define a wide range of target types, such as source, competitor, company category, industry, or country.

      All this wealth is in addition to any user-defined fields with lists you have already added!  

      If you are interested in this new feature, click on “add target groups” or “add target types” which prompts a dialogue box that takes you to an order form and we will give you access to this feature.

      Availability and requirements: 

      - Requires the use of the Sales Premium plan, cloud version 10.1.7 or newer
      - Need to sign up as a pilot customer
      - Will be made available later as an add-on license to SuperOffice CRM with the Sales Premium plan, cloud subscription

  • Configure your screens and archives
    • Not all companies are alike. Nor do all teams work the same way.  

      To make sure your SuperOffice CRM solution fits the way your business operates, there is a variety of options for how to configure your CRM solution. 

      And the Development Tools add-on now gives you an even greater set of customization options! If you subscribe to the Development Tools, your flexibility to customize SuperOffice CRM increases significantly. You can: 

      - configure and design your archive screens to fit the needs of your different teams (user groups),

      - configure the archives directly in the Settings and maintenance module – and no code or technical expertise are required. 

      Here is how you can configure screens and archives:

      👉You can remove certain tabs for teams that don’t need them. For example, you can hide the “Quote tab for those users who do not have access to this feature, and that way avoid redundant information noise.  

      👉You can add new tabs with relevant information, such as specific documents or activities, to your teams to better support their processes. For example, you can add a tab for sales highlighting all sales documents. This will give them fast access to important contracts and proposals.  

      👉You can define what fields should be visible, filtering by type or by user groups, and ensure that the right information is presented to the right user.

      Availability and requirements:

      - Requires a subscription to Development Tools 
      - Available now in SuperOffice CRM Online
      - Expected to be available for SuperOffice CRM Onsite during Q1 2023


  • SharePoint integration
    • By integrating SuperOffice CRM with SharePoint, you can save, share and work on all your documents and emails in SharePoint.

      No need to wonder where the document is saved or how to send the latest version to your partners or customers. Do your work in SuperOffice CRM and collaborate on documents in SharePoint – whatever fits your needs!

      The SuperOffice SharePoint integration helps you do more and manage documents even better:

      👉Everybody in your company has access to your documents, whether they use SuperOffice CRM or not.

      👉Several people can work on documents simultaneously. Any changes you make to a document are automatically saved.

      👉You can access your documents from any device, both from SuperOffice CRM (using the Mobile CRM app) and via the SharePoint app.

      👉You don’t have to install SuperOffice Web Tools on your computer to give access to your documents.

      Availability and requirements:

      - A SuperOffice CRM Online subscription 
      - A Microsoft 365 for Business subscription
      - All users must use “Sign in with Microsoft” in SuperOffice CRM Online (Azure Active Directory)
      - AAD Authentication of users (see IDP authentication on SuperOffice Docs for more info)

  • Improved Navigator and freetext search
    • The ways you search for information in the Navigator menu and in the freetext search have been enhanced to offer you an even faster and more intuitive search experience. You can use: 

      Accents: For example, you can search for “Andre”, and the search will now also return such instances as “André”, “Andreas” and “Peter Andre”.

      Partial words: For example, you type “Super Office” (a common misspelling of SuperOffice), and the search will include both variants.

      Partial numbers: For example, you can type a phone number or a VAT number, or their parts. You can search for phone number under contacts (persons) too.

      Abbreviations: For example, if you search for “IBM” you’ll also get I.B.M. in your results, or if you search for “AS” you will get results for “AS”, “A/S”, “a.s.”, etc.  

      Availability and requirements

      - Available now in SuperOffice CRM Online
      - Expected available for SuperOffice CRM Onsite sometime early 2023