Product roundup February 2022: Artificial intelligence is here

Published by Erik Reijrink, 23 Feb 2022. Updated 24 Oct 2022

In this month's episode, we talk about Databridge, Dashboards, Configurable screens, The new Help Center & Community and not to forget all the new Artificial Intelligence features.

Hi everybody and welcome to the Product roundup for February 2022. 

Joining our host Erik Reijrink in this episode are: 

  • Erik Eide, Product Director at SuperOffice, and  
  • Carlos David Cervantes, Customer Support Consultant at SuperOffice 

SuperOffice 10 and artificial intelligence (AI)

In this episode, Erik & Erik talk about Databridge, Configurable screens, and Dashboards 2.0 and the impact it can have for our customers.  

They also dive into the latest AI features SuperOffice has released.  

Using AI, you can now: 

  • Scan business cards to register contact information using the Mobile CRM app.
  • Automatically translate incoming customer requests into your preferred language.
  • Get a feel of the sentiment with which a customer request was written, to get a feel of the customers mood and frame of mind.
  • Automatically assign incoming request to the correct request queue, so support agents handle respond and solve the as soon as possible.
  • Use chatbots to help answer questions from website visitors, so your support agents and salespeople can free up time to have other meaningful conversations with your customers.  

Help Center & Community 

With Carlos we talk about the modern design and the new features that are now available on the Help Center & Community.  

The community already offered user guides, how-to videos, best practices, and other inspiring articles, but now we’ve also added the support page and forums.  

The support page allows customers to register new requests, check the status of existing requests, and search for answers using our extensive FAQ section. 

On the forums page customers can ask questions and share their own knowledge and experiences about SuperOffice CRM. This way we can all help each other.  

And probably the best part is that all these pages are now available on one site, with one single login

Available resources 

If you are interesting to learn more about these features and our new Help Center & Community, make sure to check these resources: 

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