What to do when e-mails and documents from SuperOffice CRM stopped opening with Microsoft Office programs?

Updated on 29 Dec 2023

I used to be able to open, edit, and save documents from SuperOffice with Office programs. Now documents in the SuperOffice are being downloaded and opened locally and no changes made in an existing document are saved.

Previously after double-clicking on an e-mail in SuperOffice, a new e-mail dialog in Outlook would open, now SuperOffice e-mail dialog gets opened instead. 

Why does it happen and how do I fix it? 

The described situations can occur when SuperOffice Web Tools are not installed or not connected on your computer. To fix it please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Make sure the latest version of the SuperOffice Web Tools are installed

Step 2. Make sure the Web Tools are active and connected

Step 3. Configure the SuperOffice Web Tools to your SuperOffice CRM account



Step 1. Make sure the latest version of the SuperOffice Web Tools are installed

  1. Open Programs and Features on your computer.
  2. SuperOffice Web Tools has two installers. Make sure SuperOffice Web Extensions and SuperOffice Mail Link are in your Programs list. Click here to find the version number of the latest release. 

  3. If you cannot find Web Extensions and/or Mail Link please install and configure them. Read this FAQ for more information on how to do this. 


Step 2. Make sure that the SuperOffice Web Tools are active and connected.


1. Right click the SuperOffice Web Tools icon in the right low corner of the Windows taskbar and select Preferences. If you do not see the SuperOffice Web Tools icon, the Web Tools may not be started. Contact your IT to make sure that the SuperOffice.TrayApp.Client.Exe is always active. 

2. In the Web Tools preferences, check if you see your Company name:

If it is empty, the Web Tools are not configured correctly. Please go to the last step (Step 3) of this FAQ. 

3. If you see your Company name, close the preferences window. Right click the SuperOffice Web Tools icon in the taskbar again and this time, select Login

4. In the new tab that opens, try to open a saved document. If it still does not open directly in an Office application, continue to step 3 below. 


Step 3. Configure the SuperOffice Web Tools to your SuperOffice CRM account.

Note! This step is only necessary if Step 2 showed that your Web Tools are not configured correctly. Always try step 2 first. 

  1. Click on  in the top right corner and choose Download - SuperOffice Web Tools. 

  2. In the window that will appear, choose 'Personal computer Home/Office' and in the next step the e-mail client that you use. 
  3. In the next screen, you click on the link "Click here to connect Web Tools to this SuperOffice installation" it will download a configuration file to your computer.

  4. When the xxxxxx.SoConfig file is downloaded please click on it to run.

  5.  You'll see a dialog in the right corner of your screen stating that SuperOffice needs to authenticate you to your SuperOffice CRM installation. Click OK, it will start an authentication via the browser and when it happens you'll see a success message.

Note! If you use an authentication provider (Office365 or Google), you might be redirected to their webpage for re-authentication (enter your user name and password) to complete the connection to SuperOffice CRM.

Then click OK, refresh your internet browser, and your connection to the SuperOffice Web Tools is repaired.


If you get an additional pop up of the SuperOffice MailLink, click on Yes. 


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