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A online customer of us got upgraded to 10.3.5. last weekend, and since then they have been getting a fatal error from the CS engine. The error isn't catched by a try catch statement, it only shows up when tracing the script:

OutOfRangeException: Index 4 out of range for string: "0.0"
File: D:\Agent1\_work\2\s\Clients\CS\fh\String.cpp
Line: 939
Date: Apr 30 2024 13:28:03
Func: class String __thiscall String::subStr(int,int,bool) const

(Can't open the trace, it keeps spinning)

The error occurs when opening a customer screen i the creation script. The creation script includes a seperate CRMSCript whichs load data to a struct from a document entity (especially it's custom fields).

If I isolate the crmscript the creation script of the screen calls and executes it as a normal script, no error occurs...

We arent calling the substring method in any of this code, so it seems we are hitting an underlying error?

7 May 2024 | 02:04 PM

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Solved, app insights contains more details so with help from that (Thanks Margrethe 😁) we where able to pin out that ultimaltely this error is thrown due to an issue where we are calling subString.

7 May 2024 | 02:50 PM

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