Meet the GDPR challenge confidently with the latest version of SuperOffice CRM

Storing and handling personal data has just become a lot easier! You can now register and document which contacts' have given you the permission to store and use their personal details, manage your customers’ email communication preferences and set up rules to update personal details for certain groups of contacts – all at one time.

Consent Management

Document and register consents to use and store personal data

New features in SuperOffice CRM allow you to register consents, as well as document for what purposes you are storing this personal information.

Subscription Management

E-mail communication in the hands of your customers

Subscription Management features let your contacts decide what type of content they wish to subscribe or unsubscribe to. This allows you to send more relevant communication aimed at the right target group at the right time.

Bulk Update

Mass updates save you time

Review the existing personal data you have in your CRM system against the new GDPR regulation. Then use the bulk update features to change personal details for a large group of contacts, activities, sales, and projects all at once, rather than updating one record at a time.

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SuperOffice Events

See the new features up close and live

Join one of our many seminars or webinars to get first-hand experience on how the new features in our latest version will help you not only be one step closer to becoming GDPR compliant, but also help you do more, faster and easier.