Analyze your data, export it to Excel

Published by Erik Reijrink, 24 Nov 2015. Updated 9 Sep 2021

Excel is a great tool for sending information to your boss whenever she wants an overview of the split between A, B and C-customers. Or, if you want to get an overview of the sales numbers, Excel makes it easy to analyze this information.

With SuperOffice you can easily export your CRM data for further analyses in Excel. With just one click of a button you can open your information in Excel.

A good example where you can use the export button is when you want to analyse an overview of your lost sales. You can analyse all cases and find out why you lost certain sales opportunities. Make a selection, add the column reason and export the list to begin your analyses.

You are able to export information to Excel from every module in SuperOffice.
The export function is visible by this icon:

Export button

How to export to Excel:

  1. Go to Selections and select the desired selection.
  2. Click the green Excel icon in the lower left corner of your list.
  3. Your Excel sheet with information from the selection will open automatically.

Export to Excel

Did get the information you needed from your export? Or do you miss certain columns in your export file? Learn how to configure your columns.

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