Product roundup September 2022: Measure marketing performance

Published 30 Aug 2022

This time in SuperOffice Product news: new measuring and performance-tracking capabilities for your marketing activities, ability to approve quotes straight on your mobile device, and a more advanced search functionality in your Mobile CRM app.

Features highlighted in this video:

Measure performance in new Marketing Dashboards

SuperOffice CRM contains a wealth of data. Making use of it – is the number one priority for marketing specialists.

Thanks to the new fields that we’ve added to the Find & Selection feature in SuperOffice CRM, you can now search for and analyze the performance of a variety of marketing activities: mailings, forms and chats!

Want to know what mailing performed best or which form got the largest number of leads? 😎 No problem!

Now, you can create more detailed selections and pull marketing reports in Dashboards that track your marketing KPIs and give you valuable insights into the performance of your key marketing activities.

Availability and requirements:

  • Included in the Marketing Plan, or if you use the Premium plans together with Customer Engagement Platform (for chat and forms)
  • Available now in the SuperOffice CRM Online, version 10.1.4
  • Available now in SuperOffice CRM Onsite, version 10.1.5 or newer

Speed up the quote approval process

Sales success often depends on how fast we act. Whether you close or lose a deal could be a matter of minutes!

That’s why it’s important for sales managers on the go to be able to get notified and quickly approve quotes.

Our Mobile CRM app now allows you to get notifications and approve new quotes instantly, avoiding unnecessary delays in getting a sale closed in time. 🤝

Availability and requirements:

  • Available in Mobile CRM app, version 10.2.2
  • Included in the Sales Premium plan
  • Available both in SuperOffice CRM Online and Onsite
  • Requires SuperOffice CRM, version 10.1.5 or newer
  • The approval notification is via Mobile CRM only

Faster and easier search in Mobile CRM

Having information at your fingertips is a super important ability for when you’re on the road.

Be it a phone number, an email address, the surname of the client, or even project number, you can search for and find this information straight in your Mobile CRM. But now it is even faster, and you can use a wider set of search criteria!

All you need to do is to enter your search criterion and tap on the “Search” button on your screen – it’s literally at your fingertip! 😉

Free-of-charge, SuperOffice Mobile CRM is available to download from the SuperOffice App Store.

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