Product roundup June 2022: SharePoint integration

Published by Erik Reijrink, 13 Jun 2022

The main news this month is our new integration with SharePoint. By integrating SuperOffice CRM with your SharePoint document repository, you give everybody in your company access to the same documents, whether they use SuperOffice CRM or not.

The power of the SuperOffice SharePoint integration

By setting up the SuperOffice SharePoint integration, you can save, share and work on all your documents and emails in SharePoint.

No need to wonder where the document is saved or how to send the latest version to your partners or customers. Do your work in SuperOffice CRM and collaborate on documents in SharePoint – whatever fits your needs!

The SuperOffice SharePoint integration helps you do more and manage documents even better:

  • Everybody in your company has access to your documents, whether they use SuperOffice CRM or not.
  • Several people can work on documents simultaneously. Any changes you make to a document are automatically saved.
  • You can access your documents from any device, both from SuperOffice CRM (using the Mobile CRM app) and via the SharePoint app.
  • You don’t have to install SuperOffice Web Tools on your computer to give access to your documents.

How to integrate your SuperOffice CRM with SharePoint

To show you what the new integration does and how to set it up, we’ve made a video where our host, Erik Reijrink, talks to Jan Andersen, Product Director at SuperOffice Norway, and discuss the key benefits of the SuperOffice SharePoint integration.

Don’t worry – setting up the SharePoint integration is easy. In the video Jan explains how you can set up the integration by following an easy setup wizard.

Also, check out other resources about the integration:

Get started with SharePoint integration

Google Workspace Integration

SharePoint isn’t the only document solution that you can integrate with SuperOffice CRM. We also have an integration for Google Workspace.

Find out how to enable Google Workspace integration

And if you use neither, you can save all your documents in SuperOffice CRM like you’ve done for many years.

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