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Written by Aleya Begum. Published by Miriam Eirin Hiorth Johnson, 31 Mar 2020. Updated 25 Aug 2020

Recent apps to hit the shelves at SuperOffice App Store include SuperOffice for Outlook, Nordeca Insights, View Sync, and View Quote.

Seamless email connection, tailor-made prospects for your sales team, and a complete overview of your customers’ ERP data in your CRM – read all about the latest integrations for SuperOffice CRM that will make you smile and your day easier.

Key highlights: 

SuperOffice for Outlook

Enable SuperOffice for Outlook and work effortlessly and efficiently between your Outlook and SuperOffice CRM.

This new “zero footprint” Outlook add-in for Office 365 users, offers a fully integrated solution which requires no installation on your computer and no updates. Ever!

As a cloud-to-cloud solution, all updates in SuperOffice for Outlook will be done automatically. So, forget about needing to have specific user rights to stay on top of new versions. Instead, enjoy retrieving and sending information to and from your SuperOffice CRM, directly from Outlook, without having to switch back and forth between systems and interfaces.

For example, when you receive an email, you will instantly see key information, such as the contact’s details and the latest sales and activities linked to them. What you get is an instant overview of all relevant information, allowing you to offer more personalized responses and communication.

Or if you receive an email from someone who is not registered in your SuperOffice CRM database, you can save them with a few easy clicks so your data stays populated and relevant.

SuperOffice for Outlook is available for all SuperOffice cloud users as an Office add-in for Outlook.

Contact details in SuperOffice cloud, showing details as email, telephone, mobile phone, request, sales and follow-upsSuperOffice for Outlook add-in showing headline Add new company and contact person
With the new SuperOffice for Outlook add-in, you can pull data instantly from SuperOffice CRM or save new data with a few clicks – without leaving Outlook.

Nordeca Insights

Get perfectly matched sales prospects marked up on a ready-to-go map by combining your SuperOffice CRM data with Nordeca Insight.

Nordeca Insight is a visualization and analysis platform that helps you speed up your sales process. With updated market information about all businesses in Norway, the platform automatically generates prospects based on the customer profiles of your SuperOffice CRM data.

See both your existing customers and new prospects in an interactive map and get valuable insights to both your existing and potential market.

Get Nordeca Insights

Note: Nordeca Insight offers market insights only on Norwegian businesses.

Nordeca insight map displays potential customers matching a customer profileSee prospects that match your SuperOffice CRM customer profiles in a handy map format with the app Nordeca Insight. 

View Sync and View Quote

Get a full overview of your customers in one place and give them a greater and more relevant experience with View Sync for SuperOffice CRM.

By connecting your ERP system to your SuperOffice CRM you can update your data in one place only – guaranteeing better data quality, saving time on searches and double updates, and giving your customers faster and more informed responses.

In SuperOffice CRM software showing key ERP info about the customer payment and discount terms

See key ERP info directly in your SuperOffice CRM

Complete the package with View Quote which lets you create quotations in SuperOffice Quote. Access your product and price lists directly from View, so you can always be confident you have the most up-to-date product information, prices and discounts.

SuperOffice CRM software searching in ERP product list

Search your ERP product list to create a quote directly from SuperOffice CRM.

For a full overview of all our apps, visit the SuperOffice App Store.

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