Software test engineer in QA (Vilnius)


Location: Vilnius, Lithuania | Contact person: Vilma Raisiene | Job type: Full-time | Role: Full stack tester

Note: This is a new development team. We will recruit people to start working from 1st of September 2021.


Join us in our new team of testers and developers in Vilnius

Do you think it is fun and exciting to work in a dynamic environment, where you can help develop and assure the quality of the CRM software used by thousands of customers worldwide?


We look for a test professional that wants to work in-house with testing in the development department that creates software that is used by over 100 000 users throughout Europe. You have experience in software quality assurance and enjoy working proactively to prevent errors in all phases of planning, design and development. This includes testing of functionality, performance and security.


Are you able to familiarize yourself with a user's situation and understand their needs? Quality is not just about finding errors in the software, but also about being able to offer a good user experience. If you choose to work for SuperOffice, you will work in close collaboration with other testers and will have an opportunity to further develop the way we test and work with quality assurance.


In Vilnius we are setting up a new team with developers and testers. The team will get the responsibility for one of our main products. As we switch technical platforms, this team will also extend, change and refactor this product to take advantage of new possibilities. You will work closely with colleagues in all areas of software development: from product owners, designers, developers and other testers to DevOps. We are located in Oslo, Colombo and now also Vilnius.


We prefer that you have a knowledge in programming or know how to script. If you have a burning desire to work with test automation and automation of test environments and processes, you surely will be able to do that in our team.


Beyond this, we look forward to being challenged by your expertise. We promise to listen to your ideas with keen interest because we consider it to be the best way to further develop ourselves and increase competence.


We're looking for people with experience in: 

  • Manual testing,
  • Test automation and technical testing,
  • Performance testing,
  • Test data,
  • Management of test environments,
  • Established tools used for automated testing and/or performance testing,
  • Some coding knowledge.


This is who our Super colleague is: 

  • You have good communication skills.
  • You are fluent in English, both speaking and writing (sorry, we can’t all learn Lithuanian).
  • You are eager and independent but also work well in teams.
  • You have a great interest in learning about and developing your expertise in new technologies, trends and frameworks.
  • You're interested in sharing what you have learned with your colleagues.
  • You are genuinely interested in technology and finding solutions to challenging issues.


At last, the most important thing is who you are as a person! We’re looking for an independent and accurate person, who can bring positive energy to the team.


Contact: Vilma Raisiene

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Why you should work at SuperOffice AS

Join SuperOffice – a company with 30 years of experience developing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

Here are 6 reasons you should consider getting a job at SuperOffice AS:

  1. You will get an opportunity to contribute to the development of a product used in 15 languages in Europe, Asia, and the United States, as well as work with over 150,000 users and 6,000 customers of SuperOffice CRM.
  2. You will become part of our development department, which is located in Oslo and Vilnius. Part of only a few companies in Norway, our RnD team is engaged in professional development of an internationally successful product.
  3. We always put user-friendliness at the heart of our products. That’s why our main product – SuperOffice CRM – received the prestigious “Rosing” award for its ease of use and an award from the Norwegian Design Council's Label for Good Norwegian Design.
  4. Creating CRM applications is a challenge that requires more than technical knowledge. If you are applying for a position in SuperOffice, you are applying for one of the most self-developing and challenging jobs.
  5. Working in the product development department offers favorable conditions for academic specialization and a healthy working environment. You won’t work directly with customers and have no budget responsibility. All we require is passion for software and technology, love for quality work and desire to do your best.
  6. You will probably never get a better chance of creating a world-class Norwegian software. Your office will be located right in the center of Oslo or Vilnius. Finally, you will receive a competitive remuneration for your talents that’ll make you happy every month.