Compare pipeline reports against sales targets

Published 19 Oct 2022

New tools coming your way will help you compare your forecast with your sales targets, migrate SuperOffice documents into SharePoint, and customize SuperOffice screens to fit different needs.

New and upcoming features highlighted in this video:


Measure your sales forecasts against your sales targets - all in one view

The pipeline and sales reports are the most used dashboards for sales to gain control over sales results and motivate and focus efforts to reach hairy targets.

These reports are now even more powerful as they include your expected and actual sales against your sales targets, all in the same report. 

Adding sales targets to your dashboard reports provides you with a more immediate insight into whether you are on track or need to take action to reach your goals. ✨

From your Dashboard view, you can add sales targets for as many users as you need in one team and against the main sales value in sales opportunities. When you have sales targets added, you can compare your forecasting and actual sales reports against these targets and measure these by months or quarters by individuals or teams.

  • Availability and requirements
      • Sales targets is a feature included in the Sales Premium plan cloud subscription only
      • Available now in the SuperOffice CRM Online, version 10.1.6 or newer

Power up your sales management with Sales Targets Unlimited (pilot)

The upcoming add-on Sales Targets Unlimited is an extension of Sales Targets that allows you to add more teams and set targets based on a wide range of sales criteria.

This means you get even more insights into your sales teams’ performance and control over their success. All this takes your sales management capabilities right to the next level. 🚀

Ready for pilot customers now, this add-on allows you to set sales targets for an unlimited number of teams as well as define a wide range of target types. This includes sales targets by sale types, source, credited, competitor, company category, industry, or country in addition to any user-defined fields you have added that contain lists.

If you are interested in exploring this new feature now and willing to provide us with your feedback, then sign up as a pilot customer and we will get in touch.

  • Availability and requirements

Migrate all your SuperOffice documents into SharePoint (pilot)

The free and available SuperOffice SharePoint integration app let's you store all documents created in SuperOffice into SharePoint and enjoy the full document management capabilities of both solutions.

If you have used SuperOffice for a while, it will mean that you have existing SuperOffice documents that are not stored in SharePoint when you add this integration.

That is, until now.

This new migration tool lets you choose to migrate all or the most important SuperOffice documents into SharePoint so that all relevant CRM documents are stored in one repository. 🏋️

That way you can forget about where any document is stored, eliminate all the need to use Webtools and just use the two solutions the way you have defined these for your company.

  • Availability and requirements

Optimize the archives views for your users

Not all companies are alike, nor do all teams work the same.

That’s why there is a full range of options for how to configure your SuperOffice CRM solution to fit your business, and with even a greater set of customization options via the add-on Development Tools.

If you subscribe to Development Tools, your flexibility to customize SuperOffice is even greater as you now can configure and design your archive screens to fit the needs of your different teams (user groups). And you configure these archives directly from your Settings & maintenance module with no code or technical expertise required.

👉 Use the new capability to remove tabs for teams if they do not need to open that tab. For example, hide the tab for “Quote” to users who do not have access to this feature and that way avoid unnecessary information noise.

👉 Use the new feature also to add new tabs where you present relevant information, such as specific documents or activities, to your teams to better support their different processes. For example, you can add a tab for sales highlighting all sales documents which gives them fast and immediate access to important contracts and proposals. Or add a tab that includes all relevant activities and documents linked to key services or processes in your company.

The options are many and by tailoring these archive views you can allow your teams to have more immediate and faster access to the information they need when they need it.

The feature is available in the cloud now and we welcome any onsite customer who is interested in exploring this feature during our current onsite pilot program.

  • Availability and requirements
      • Requires a subscription to Development Tools
      • Available now in the SuperOffice CRM Online, version 10.1.6 or newer

Tailor the Project and Sales screens to better support different processes (pilot)

Continuing to expand the no-code customization options available, we are ready to pilot the new capability to configure your main Project and Sales screen of SuperOffice.

If you have access to Development Tools today, you can design how you want your main Company and Contact screens to look for your different teams already. And now you can configure your archive tabs. Next up is the ability to design what fields are most relevant to view in your main Project and Sales screens in SuperOffice.

Different processes and different teams often require seeing different fields at first glance when they open a Project or Sales screen in SuperOffice. Today you have limited options for deciding what is shown on the first page of the screen. This new capability will let you tailor different screens to different user teams. 

If you use SuperOffice in the cloud and want to explore this new capability, why not sign up as a pilot customer and get an early test drive? This can be especially helpful for you if you today have already added many custom fields to your Project and Sales screens and want to explore how to optimize them further.

  • Availability and requirements
      • Requires a subscription to Development Tools
      • Available as a pilot for SuperOffice CRM Online, version 10.1.7 or newer only
      • (A pilot program for Onsite versions will be made available later)

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Great video and wonderful product feature!
Fredrik Selander 27 Oct 2022
These product roundups are awesome! Such a great concept! Keep up the good work!
Caroline Facius 26 Oct 2022
Love these roundups from our product marketing team :-)
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